your but is too big for boudoir | Columbus Boudoir Photography

Oh my gawd Becky..look at her BUT

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It's true, your but can be too big for a boudoir shoot. Is yours?

"I'd love to have a boudoir session BUT I need to lose weight first"

"I'd love to book a session BUT I'm not in a relationship, what's the point?"

"I want to feel that self esteem boost everyone talks about after a session with 614 Boudoir BUT I don't wear lingerie"

"I want to give my significant other a really sexy gift BUT I'm on a budget"

Listen girlfriend. Your butt is not too big for a shoot, however, your BUT is. Don't let your BUT get in your way! That is fear talking. You can ROCK a session, no matter what your size, shape, or style. Don't let the fear win! Don't let your BUT get so big that it gets between you and an AMAZING experience. Don't let your BUT get so big that you won't do the things you really want. And sweet, beautiful friend...don't just sit on your BUT. Instead, get your booty into my studio, get your booty in front of my camera, and get your booty into the VIP group!!



**Disclaimer: I understand that your backside is spelled b-u-t-t, this was a play on words about the conjunctive word that joins two thoughts together. Get it? Ok. Just didn't want you thinking I couldn't spell**