Why Boudoir is the Ultimate Act of Self-Care and Acceptance

Your journey to self-love an acceptance probably began long before you considered booking a boudoir session with me in my downtown Columbus boudoir studio.

For a lot of women, the journey begins in the 614 Boudoir VIP group, where we talk about what confidence is, what it means to be body positive, and that self-care isn’t selfish. Your journey might start out with bubble baths and green juices. It might start in the gym or the fitting room. No matter where your journey began, boudoir can be a part of that for you.

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Starting with the decision to book your luxury boudoir session with me, you’re already affirming your self-acceptance and self-care. Just reaching out and inquiring is telling yourself “I’m enough.” And it’s true. You are perfect right now, as you are, and worthy of a photoshoot that will make you shine bright like a diamond. It takes courage to make that call, type the email. or fill out the contact form. And it will do wonders for your confidence levels.

Then, when you actually book in, you’ll get this insane rush. It’s like nervous, incredibly excited, and sexy all at once. You’ll start wondering what to wear, imagining yourself making your sexy face and getting into all my pretzel poses. Leading up to the session, you’ll take time for yourself. You’ll get your hair and nails done, get waxed (maybe for the first time ever), you’ll buy your outfits and shoes. It will be SO fun, you might make a habit out of all these new self-care routines. I know I did.

And then, there’s glam. We always start your session with a glass of champagne, and professional custom hair and makeup styling, tailored to your outfits, skin type, coloring, and comfort level. You are going to look and feel like a Victoria’s Secret model. When you look in the mirror, you’ll do a double-take and say under your breath “dayyyum”.

And during your session, you’d better get used to hearing me pour compliments on like sugar. While we’re shooting you’re going to feel fierce, unstoppable, sexy, beautiful, and amazing. I know you won’t be able to see yourself so I’ll remind you (a lot) how good you look.

And maybe, the most impactful part of the whole process is the reveal. You’ll see yourself on the screen in a way you have NEVER seen yourself before. You’ll see your beauty and resilience, you’ll see all of your amazing qualities. And you’re going to think you look amazing. I promise. The best part? You’ll see your flaws too, but for the first time, you’ll realize you are MORE THAN THAT. You’ll see stretch marks, blemishes, a few extra pounds, or whatever it is you bring with you, but when you walk out, you won’t care, because beyond those “flaws”, you will see and know you are sexy, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and amazing. You’ll have a lasting feeling of confidence and it is going to change so much of your life going forward. Not only with you have body and sexual confidence, but going through the whole process will remind you that you are courageous and capable of doing so many things in this world.

Ready to make that journey?

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