who will see my images?

If privacy is something keeping you from booking your 614 Boudoir Experience, I have great news for you! You get to make the decision of what images, if any I show on my website, the walls of my studio, in my blog and in the VIP Group. Believe me, when I started photographing boudoir photography in Columbus, I knew I would have to give my clients the choice, and honestly, why wouldn't I? I view my clients as my friends, in fact in many cases clients have turned into friends. And don't you want to make your friends comfortable and happy? I do.

I know what you're thinking..."I see you posting ALL the time on social media". You're right. I work with an average of 8-10 women a month and some of them actually choose to allow me to share their images either in full or part with others. All of the women you see on my site, social media, in publications etc. have signed full or partial model releases allowing me to share their images.

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Not everyone is comfortable with sharing. And that's okay.

After your session, after you've seen your images and know how hot you look, I'll send you a form to select the option you're most comfortable with and then sign it and send it back. This protects you and me both. This way I can use what you say, and not what you don't. I ALWAYS protect your privacy and respect your wishes

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I will never pressure you to share, but I do love it when a bombshell comes into the studio and rocks her session, looks amazing, kills it and then says "feel free to share these!" I could literally shout from the rooftop with joy! Not only do I love this because it is important for future clients like you to be able to see my work and decide if I'm a good fit for you and you like my style, but more importantly, I know I truly did my job if clients are willing to share. Number one: she wouldn't share if she thought she looked bad, Number two: she feels empowered. And you know what? When she allows me to share her images with other women, prospective clients, on the blog and in the VIP group she in turn is empowering bad ass women just like her by being an example. And that I LOVE.

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