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Yep, I’ve heard this 3 times this week and it’s only 4pm on a Monday, “I’ll get in touch when I’m ready”. Cool. As a boudoir photographer in Columbus, I hear allll the excuses about weight loss, muscle toning, baby fat, cosmetic procedures, not having enough time for yourself. You’ll schedule once the kids go back to school, after the holidays, when you get your tax return…someday. Well darling, someday isn’t on the calendar.

So today I wanted to open your mind and maybe change your perspective on getting ready for a session.

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First of all, I want you to check in with yourself. Really. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think to yourself, “Is this something I want?”. I REALLY want you to think about this, because when you tell yourself “someday” or “when I’m ready”, that is the mom equivalent of “we’ll see”. We all know it’s never going to happen. If the answer is no, that is OKAY. You can leave my page, you can unfollow my work and I will not be offended. I get it, boudoir is not for everyone.

But, I’d like to assume you’re still reading and the rest of this message will be based on you wanting a boudoir experience of your very own. So close your eyes again. Imagine you are coming in for a session. What kind of outfits did you pack? Comfy tee and cotton panties? Lace? Leather? Did you bring high heels? Did you get a mani/pedi before? When you come in, do you want to be handed a glass of champagne? Do you want to be pampered with hair and makeup? And most importantly, how do you want to FEEL when you are in the studio?

Now that you’ve got an image of what your session will look and feel like, are you ready for that?

You should have answered HELL YES, and you should be excited!!

What I’ve figured out in the past 4 years of being a boudoir photographer in Columbus is that most of the time, you’re the one (and only) thing holding you back. Once you have decided that you want this experience, you are excited for it, and you deserve it, there is nothing that can hold you back. And babe, I’m here to tell you— you DO deserve it!! You should get a mani/pedi, have your hair touched up, get waxed, come in, have a mimosa and enjoy hair and makeup. Have a few hours to yourself to re-ignite your sexy and then leave with a lasting confidence boost!!

So here’s what you need to do girlfriend, set a date. Contact me today and let’s set a date for your session. Give yourself time to shop, prep, lose the 10lbs, budget the spending money, but book the session! I can help you with all of the things you think are holding you back, but I can’t help you if you don’t let me. So use that form below and let’s get planning babe!

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