What is a Boudoir Session like

One of the first questions an interested client asks me is, "What is a boudoir session like?"

There can often be a misconception about boudoir and every photographer's style is different, so it is a really good question to ask. I will walk you through the process from start to finish here on the blog, but also throughout the actual process of scheduling, wardrobe, shooting, purchasing products and even receiving them.

So, you're interested in a session, and decide to contact me either through my website, calling or emailing. I will ask you a few questions such as "Have you done a session before? Is this for yourself or a special someone? What level of nudity are you comfortable with?" Then, I'll offer to take you out for coffee. During our coffee date, I'll get to know you and your style, you can get to know me with no pressure or obligation. I will explain the process to you at that time, too. If you are interested in scheduling, we would do this at that time. You would need to decide on the session you want, the session fee is due at the time of scheduling (I accept cash and cards). Once you have decided on a date, we can start planning! I will prepare a mood board for you on Pinterest with ideas I think would fit your style. We can talk wardrobe ideas, hair and makeup looks, and possible themes. If you choose my top session, we will plan a shopping date to get you fitted and ready in your lingerie!

About 1 week before your session I will send you my "Tips & Tricks" this is a PDF that includes a packing list, reminders to exfoliate and moisturize, and other little pieces of advice.

The morning of your session, I will take a "before" picture, offer you a robe to wear during hair and makeup and I will introduce you to Emma of EKS Hair and Makeup, She is a phenomenal hair and makeup artist. She really listens to what you want and she will make you look GLAM! Hair and makeup usually takes 1 hour. While she is working with you, I will be adjusting my lighting, photographing your "details" aka jewelry, lingerie, shoes and I will probably pop in and take some photos over Emma's shoulder. But if I'm being honest, mostly I drink coffee and jam out to the music.

We will start with one of your outfits and either Emma or I can help with shoe buckles, garters, tying corsets, you name it.

During your session, I will be guiding you through the poses and explaining what I would like you to do with your body, or your expressions. I will sometimes get in the pose myself to show you. If I'm not loving a certain pose, I'll change it up- don't worry, you will be doing everything right! I will definitely let you know whether I love a pose or expression so there is no doubt. I'll be honest, posing is hard. I may ask you to arch your back, and then say more, more, more...and the next day you'll be sore, sore, sore but take two Advil and thank me in the morning.

Depending on your session, we will change outfits a few times and Emma will be there to fix hair or makeup along the way.

After we've wrapped up the shooting portion, you can feel free to get dressed, and head to the nearest coffee shop or restaurant. This is often no further than the hotel lobby. I will need an hour to load your photos and go through them, because you will be viewing them SAME day!

When you come back, I will show you your photos (unedited) and you will choose the ones you can't live without. I will show you the products I offer and you will make your selection and order that day! I do offer payment plans, but a minimum order rule applies.

After you have seen your photos, I will ask you to make a privacy selection. As much as Emma and I would both love to shout from the rooftops how hot you are, and showcase your session, we do respect your wishes and therefore you will have options to select from.

Once you leave, I will start editing. I estimate 2 weeks for editing, and lab times vary based on the product. You can usually have your items in your hands in 3-4 weeks.

I prefer to hand deliver your items, but understand that schedules and distance may be an obstacle, and we can decide what is best when you order. And that's it! Whew! That was a lot of info. I hope you find this informative and I can't wait to talk to you about planning your very own boudoir session!