Valentine's Day Mini Sessions | Columbus Boudoir Photography

Valentine's Day Mini Sessions | Columbus Boudoir Photography

OK, so its no secret my timeline is FULL of boudoir images, I follow a lot of other photographers for inspiration or to support my friends around the world, but the other night I was scrolling my feed and I kept seeing promoted posts (ads) from other photographers who do family, weddings, maternity, head shots, you name it. And all of a sudden, they are offering Valentine’s Day boudoir minis. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads…

But let me tell you. They are not boudoir photographers

If they only offer boudoir sessions for Valentine’s day then they definitely aren’t specializing in posing, lighting and photographing women’s bodies in the best way possible. Listen, I don’t want to brag (maybe I do), but I photographed nearly 100 women in 2018, which means I had 2-3 sessions each week. If I were only shooting boudoir once a year I would be out of practice. You know that feeling when you come back to work from vacation and you’re out of sync, you can’t seem to get back into it all? That’s like shooting boudoir once a year.

I’ll be completely honest- I’m not good with soothing babies, getting toddlers to laugh, or posing 5 family members standing together while the leaves fall around them, and that is okay with me, I leave that to the photographers who specialize in that work. You don’t see me offering family fall mini sessions, now do you? Nope. Big fat nope. I stick to the things I’m ahhhhmazing at doing, and quite frankly that is styling, posing, lighting, photographing, and empowering women. Oh, and a little retouching.

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Here’s why I don’t like mini sessions and why I hardly ever offer them. For one, by nature they are mini. This means no time for h&mu, which is typically 1.5 hours. No mimosa, no girl talk. No relaxing. Just come in, get undressed and shoot. My sessions last about 4 hours, and include wardrobe and prep guides, access to the studio wardrobe, full hair and makeup, a glass of champagne, expert posing and coaching, and a same day reveal. This is truly an experience from start to finish, and girl- you deserve that!

Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that boudoir is only for a hallmark holiday. Boudoir is not only for a gift, for someone else, for a wedding, for a holiday, etc. Boudoir is about being empowered, feeling beautiful, sexy, confident, strong, incredible, and passionate. You are allowed to want that for yourself any time of year, any stage of life, at any weight, shape, size, pre-baby, post-baby, pre-wedding, post-divorce, anytime. For me, boudoir, confidence building and empowering is 24/7/365. It’s about affirming women, of any age, size, shape or walk of life.

So all I’m saying is do your research, ask the questions, plan with someone you trust, not just someone who offers a cool deal. If you need, get a payment plan or save up until you’re ready, because girl, you are worth the full experience. Not a mini session.

And when you’re ready to feel incredible about yourself, send me a message.


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