Should you tell your friends about your boudoir session? | Columbus boudoir photo studio

Should you tell your friends about your boudoir session? | Columbus boudoir photo studio

So you’ve booked your Columbus boudoir session, or maybe you’re just considering booking a session with the best boudoir photographer in Ohio ( thats me * wink * ) but you’re not sure if you should tell anyone yet. More than likely you’re keeping it a secret from at least one person, but what about your best friends?

Do you dare?


Here’s why— first of all, booking a session is nerve-wracking for even the most confident women. You have so much to think about, and getting undressed in front of a stranger, and the new lingerie trends, oh my. It can really help to have a sounding board to chat with when you start to get nervous.

Not to mention, it could help to have a girlfriend to go shopping with. Pick a Friday night, get a cocktail, then do a few rounds at the mall. All the best stores, La Senza, VS, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. She can help you get new sizes if something doesn’t fit, weigh in on colors and styles, and hype you up when you’re not sure about an item. Then, go splurge on a yummy dinner and maybe even a piece of cheesecake!

She can also go get a mani/ pedi with you and get waxed in the days leading up to your session.

And then- when you leave the studio on the day of your session, after your reveal- give her a call and let her know just how amazing you feel! She will be SO happy for you!! She won’t be able to contain her excitement and she’ll want to see your sexy pictures of course. (Side note, I’ve had clients Snapchat, text and Facetime their BFFs during their reveal to show off their images, or get their input on their album.

The last reason is if she’s lucky, she can book her session next, and you can cheer her on this time!

So, tell your girlfriends- let them empower and encourage you. I promise it feels great!


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