Get Prepped At Home | Preparing for your sexy session with 614 Boudoir

Get Prepped At Home | Preparing for your sexy session with 614 Boudoir

While I do most of the “work” when it comes to your session, helping you choose wardrobe, posing and editing, there are some things you can do at home before your session to make things go perfectly.


Many women don’t realize until they are in a pretzel pose, just how much of a work out a session is. So first of all, I want you to guzzle water the week of your session. There are more than a few reasons- for one, your skin will be glowing, smooth, and clear. Also, water helps with bloating so if you’re close to that time of the month, or you just love salty foods (like me!), drinking water will help with the dreaded bloat. Lastly, it will help your muscles out when you’re stretching and arching to the heavens. Well hydrated muscles are less likely to cramp up or be sore the day after. And no one wants a charlie horse during a session.

Keep an Eye on your diet, but don’t deprive yourself. The best thing for you is to be mindful of your nutrition and give your body the fuel it needs, without dieting. You can still have your nightly glass of wine and few oreos after you get the kiddos to bed, but also make sure you’re getting in your protein and veggies.

Ideally you should start stretching a few weeks before your session, in the morning just reach to the sky, touch your toes, roll your head around, roll your shoulders, and maybe if you’re feeling it, a warrior and childs pose could be good for you. If you can, maybe hit a few yoga classes to limber up, but if neither of those are a possibility, definitely stretch before your session and again after. That bendy back arch is no joke.

While we’re on the topic of stretching, I want you to get in touch with your body. Start at the top of your head, run your hands down your body, roll your head from side to side, shift your hips. Listen to the way your body responds to the caressing touch. Get used to touching your breasts, booty, and inner thighs. The best photos will be with a very natural touch, rather than stiff hands and wrists. So the more in tune you are with how you like to be touched, the more sensual your photos will be.

Let’s talk facial expressions for a minute. I will coach you through this during the session, but I want you to get used to doing the motions. I definitely suggest not looking in a mirror or phone, just so you can focus on the feeling, since during your session you won’t be able to see if you’re doing it correctly. Start out with a closed mouth smile, or grin, then part your lips to relax the corners of your mouth, but allow your eyes to still sparkle with that sexy smile. Or, for something a little more sassy- part your lips to breathe in and out through your mouth, take a few deep breaths. Then on the third, narrow your eyes slightly, as if you’re looking through smoke. This is a fierce, badass, and attitude type of look.

prepping for a boudoir photo shoot, prepping for sexy pics


So much of a boudoir session from booking to choosing your photos, is a mental journey of self acceptance, and that journey begins before you walk in my doors, and if I’ve done my job correctly- it should last long after the session.

You can start boosting your confidence today by saying affirmations. You can do this while looking in the mirror or while you drive, work out etc. Here are some of my favorites, “I love and accept my body completely”, “I am beautiful, strong and confident”, “I am perfect and complete just the way I am'“, “I deserve to feel amazing”, and “My opinion of myself is the only one that counts”. Put these on post it notes around your bedroom- especially where you get dressed or put on makeup, or anywhere you’ll see them frequently, and say them out loud until you believe them.

Ok, this one will please your significant other…walk around your house naked. If this is totally outside your comfort zone start small, just go get a midnight snack without your robe. Go get your clothes out of the dryer without putting on something in the meantime. Other than enticing your partner, when you walk around without a bra, without undies, without clothes, you start to feel how your body moves naturally, and can get used to the jiggle and bounce. I want you to know that we all have parts we don’t love in the daylight without clothing, but isn’t damn near time we learn to accept our bodies for all that they are in the flesh? Your body is amazing and as you spend more time in the nude, you’ll learn to appreciate, and not second guess how you look, and that’s so good for your soul.

Lastly, let go of all expectations. You are unique and so will your session be. Each one of my clients is so different from the last, and I love that! I love having a glam, lacy, bridal session on a Friday, and a dark, edgy, leather session on a Sunday. I love working with women in their 20’s and their 60’s, women who are in the best shape of their lives, and women who are 30 weeks pregnant. Some women are as flexible as acrobats, and some women get a leg cramp in the kneeling poses- and all of that is okay! Your session will be uniquely yours and will affirm YOU of your beauty, grace, sexuality, and hopefully light a flame of confidence within you that burns bright for years to come.

prepping for a boudoir photo shoot, prepping for sexy pics