Client Interview: Miss R | Columbus Boudoir Photographer

Recently I decided that I wanted my clients experiences to speak for themselves to help convince any other ladies of Columbus that a boudoir session is definitely not scary, it's empowering, fun and exciting! So I interviewed Miss R to get her perspective on the whole journey. See what she said!

What motivated you to do a session?

 Kristin was looking for a “muse” to test out her new studio space-which is amazing-and I decided to enter her contest just for the heck of it. I really didn’t think I would be contacted for a session so in my head I had accomplished something just by entering. When Kristin contacted me giving me the information I about fell over in shock. I almost chickened out, because I had attached such a bad definition of sexy and sensual in my vocabulary that I didn’t really feel worthy of the experience. Then as I got to know Kristin and learned about her heart and passion for these shoots, I couldn’t help but be excited for it. Then, as life events happened, it became about closure for me. Closure from a painful past, closure from seeing my body in a negative light, and closure of one chapter and the beginning of the next chapter of my life.

Before your session, what were you most nervous about?

  I was not super nervous about the poses that I could be facing. I was more nervous about my overall appearance and getting the facial expressions right. I was also nervous about how I would look in front of the camera and if I really could get out of my comfort zone.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part was Kristin. She made the session fun and relaxing. She was super helpful in saying “yes, wear this” or “put these with that”. I remember telling her “I’m married with three kids, sexy has gone out the window for me” and laughed about it and she captured me in my truest sense. Someone who just loves to laugh and smile about everything. That is my favorite thing about the session. Yes, you can be sexy and still be a wife and mom, but Kristin works magic and will capture you for who you are.

Where did you shop for your outfits?

  My lounge shirt I bought at Target. The lingerie I bought off of Amazon. My jewelry was a gift and I went barefoot.

After the shoot how did you feel?

  After the shoot I was on cloud nine. I was amazed that I could do the poses she challenged me to do, but I was also amazed that I did it. The session was so full of closure for me for so many things, that I had a peace about me that I had not felt in a long time. I felt beautiful, powerful, sensual, and not just like a wife and mom for a moment. It was truly a magnificent experience.

Did anything change about how you see yourself?

 After my session, I felt a fierceness that I had never felt before. I saw myself in a very different light. I had developed a respect for my body that had been missing for many years. I finally realized it was okay to be sensual and sexy, and that did not mean I was trashy.

What was your initial reaction to your images?

  When I saw the email that my gallery was available, I was quite nervous. I am my own worst enemy and was so nervous about instantly focusing on my flaws. But that didn’t happen. I opened the gallery, took a big breath and looked at them. I was amazed! And in a good way amazed! I looked good! I looked beautiful. And I felt beautiful.

Are these photos for you, or a gift for someone?

  It took me a minute to decide if I wanted to gift them or keep them to myself. I decided to gift them to my husband and bought digital copies that I can keep for myself. My husband had no idea I was doing the shoot, so the surprise on his face when he opened the box was completely worth it.

Any advice for someone who might be considering a shoot?

 Trust Kristin. Also, I would add that no matter what negative things you have been told about you or your body, it doesn’t matter. Your body is amazing, you are amazing and if you give Kristin a chance and fully trust her and the vision she has, you will see it, too.

Now that you've had your session what would you go back and tell yourself to calm your nerves, inspire or empower yourself?

 Oh my goodness I would definitely tell myself to relax and have fun! To trust Kristin and not worry about what anyone thinks. I would also tell myself to not overthink it. Just be in the moment and that being sexy is okay. In fact, it’s a great thing! I would also tell myself the outfit doesn’t matter, the jewelry doesn’t matter, all that matters is your smile and your ability to trust in the person capturing the images so you can see that you are beautiful.

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