Client Interview: Miss L | Boudoir Photography Columbus

After a boudoir photo shoot, I always want to know what my clients thought of their sexy session experience, so recently I've been sending my clients a few questions to answer. Luckily for you, Miss L offered to share her responses with you! Read on to see how boudoir pictures impacted her.

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Did anything change about how you see yourself?

Definitely!  It started with the transformation from Hannah.  The
person who walked into your studio was not the same girl staring back
from the mirror when Hannah was done.  Then the next change was at the
end of the session and you took a pic for me from my phone.  I
couldn't believe that was me on the screen, with no photo-shopping and
just lighting.  I thought "wow, I really look like that?"  The last
change was during the reveal.  I had always seen myself as just an
average looking, lumpy mom.  After my shoot and reveal, I saw a
confident, strong, sexy woman.

What was your initial reaction to your images?

Wow.  Just wow.  I have never liked pictures of myself.  I fully
expected to like maybe 2 of them and to be disappointed with how I
looked in the rest.  Instead, I had the exact opposite issue.  I loved
almost all of them.  It was very hard to narrow down my choices.

What inspired you to do a session?

A few things....I'm turning 50 this year.  I have worked hard the last
few years to get in better shape and I wanted some professional photos
to commemorate my hard work.  I survived.  Survived a painful divorce
and literally survived dying last year and I wanted to do something
that celebrated me overcoming all of my obstacles as well as something
that would put me out of my comfort zone because that is the only way
to truly grow as a person.

Before your session, what were you most nervous about?

I would say the way my body would look in the clothing I wore.


What was your favorite part of the experience?

It's hard to pinpoint 1 favorite part but I'd have to say it was the
confidence I felt once we started shooting.  It didn't take long at
all for me to feel comfortable.  I'm not sure how you achieved it but
once we started, the nerves went away and I trusted you to make me
look the best I possibly could.


Any advice for someone who might be considering a shoot?

I would say, don't hesitate.  Do it.  You won't regret it for a
second.  Also, take the time to select clothing that you're
comfortable and confident with wearing.  For instance, I'm super
self-conscious about my stomach so I made sure to choose lingerie that
didn't showcase that area.


After the shoot how did you feel?

I felt like someone with a delicious secret....I had done something
that made me feel empowered and it was strictly for me, no one else.


Are these photos for you, or a gift for someone?

They were for me but I did give a gift to someone.  He loved them!


Where did you shop for your outfits?

A few places....Yandy, La Senza, and Victoria Secret

Now that you've had your session what would you go back and tell
yourself to calm your nerves, inspire or empower yourself?

Trust Kristin completely.  She's got this covered and will capture the best you!

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