Lady Gaga Superbowl performance | Columbus boudoir photographer

Lady Gaga Superbowl performance | Columbus boudoir photographer

So the Superbowl is one of my favorite events, and it gets even better when my team {the Patriots} are playing. Not to mention a sweet halftime show. And it was the day before my birthday. But..the real reason I came to my boudoir photography blog was to discuss Lady Gaga and her fat.

I really hate to admit this, but I saw it, I noticed. Lady Gaga has a little belly. And America went crazy. Media outlets, bloggers, facebook was all a buzz about how Lady Gaga is FAT.

columbus boudoir photographer discusses lady gaga superbowl performance


I just wanted to come over here and say that she looked amazing in her sparkle panties, she rocked out the halftime show, she didn't lip sync. She sang AND danced to the music song after song, and she wouldn't be able to do that if she weren't in SUCH good shape.

But, more importantly..she has a little fat. That's OKAY people. We all have fat, it is essential to operating our bodies. Just because we HAVE fat doesn't mean we ARE fat.

Sadly the media feeds us this nonsense about having to be a certain size, shape, height. Our boobs should be so big, and our booties too. Our waists should be small, our hair flowing, our brows arched and teeth white. This is why we all have confidence issues, we are comparing ourselves to something that doesn't exist. We're told to emulate celebrities, but what happens when celebs aren't "good enough" any more??

"I wish I was as fat as lady gaga"

So listen, Lady Gaga looks look amazing, and there is way more to it than a little belly fat. The end.


PS. The stories surrounding remarks on Lady Gaga did not deter me from eating the nachos and cupcakes at our superbowl party. I know you were concerned. I'm here to clear that up.