La Senza opens in Columbus, Ohio!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening for La Senza, a new lingerie store located at Easton Town Center.  Megan, a friend of mine invited me knowing that as a Columbus boudoir photographer I have a special interest in lingerie.

La Senza is owned by Les Wexner, owner of L Brands, including but not limited to Victoria's Secret. Previously it has been a worldwide company, headquartered in Canada, but never before in the U.S.- and this was the VERY FIRST store! The vibe is really sexy, a younger, more racy style in comparison to the beloved VS. In fact, "Wexner said that the retailer eventually had come up with an image for La Senza of 'bad girls'. "This is the kind of lingerie that’s fun when you buy it, fun when you try it, fun when you take it off,” he said." {See dispatch article here}

So anyway...

I was allowed to bring a friend, so my sister drove 2.5 hours from Youngstown to Columbus to go with me. When we arrived, we were basically asked for a password {kidding} to get through the sexy black curtains that led to all the goodies. Once we were in I must have looked like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide and all that. It was amazing. Bright colors, video screens, really sexy pieces of lingerie and accessories. Before I could get ahead of myself, I was measured for a bra. Surprise! I had never been fitted before, even though I suggest it to all my clients {a good fitting bra is really important in boudoir photography} So I was measured, and so was my sister and then we headed back to the fitting room where you try on simple black bras in the different styles. The bra collections are so cutely named "so free" a lightly lined bra, "beyond sexy" mid range push up, "obsession" {my favorite plunging push up}, and "hello sugar" which is 2x the push up which if you are busty at all, and you buy this... you'll never pay for another drink again. There are other styles but I only tried on these 4. The bra specialist {shout out to Brandi} was so helpful with fitting and helpful opinions and even tidbits of information like all the support in a bra comes from the band, who knew?

Wait... I have to go back to the fitting room. There is a stripper pole and a neon babe who dances. I just loved both of these.

So once we decided which styles fit our bodies best, we went back out onto the floor to look at.. well everything. We left no stone unturned, we examined every body suit, g string, and garter. After we had moved mannequins, talked to half a dozen employees and recruited some boudoir clients, I was ready to pick out some new items for myself. I ended up with two bras, 3 pairs of panties and became a club La Senza member. I walked out of the store feeling like a total badass and what is even better- I only spent $79. That includes tax!

I was thoroughly impressed, I have since worn every item I purchased and I love them all. I can't wait to get a few more items I had my eyes on.

La Senza opened its' Easton location September 1, 2016. Be sure to stop in or visit the website here:

If you are a 614 Boudoir VIP, you can look forward to a ladies night out featuring La Senza in October! More details coming soon.