Kim K naked selfie

So yesterday Kim K posted a nude selfie.. you aren't surprised are you?! I didn't think so. But you may be surprised by my opinion on the instagram pic. It might be unpopular, but as a Columbus boudoir photographer, I am living for this.



Columbus boudoir photographer opinion on Kim K naked selfie

"When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL"

OK so let me explain myself and why I'm a big supporter of this post.

Number one, her body is bangin and if I had that body I would show it off too! She JUST had a baby like 4 months ago so I mean...dayummmm. Speaking of which, I know many of you will say "but she's a mom, what if her kids see?"- See what? Her nekkid bod? The one they came out of? I think they'll live.

Secondly, she capitalizes on her body, her body is her business, it makes her money, it keeps her in the public eye and the media. It is the reason she looks so good 4 months post partum, because she has to. Her income and lifestyle depend on it. I'm not one to look down on another woman's hustle either. You do you girlfriend.

 But the most important reason I love this nudie {nude selfie} is because it is a statement. She's telling us ready? She's saying that after two children, she still loves her body and the amazing things it can do. She's proud of the bod she's rockin and she doesn't care about your feelings.

I say rock on Kim K.