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One of the first things women ask when booking their Columbus boudoir photography session is "Will you fix {insert insecurity here} ?" You name it, women are insecure about it...stretch marks, cellulite, skin folds, scars, birth marks, freckles, nipples, nipple piercings, acne, double chins, wrinkles...OK you get the point.

What I don't do

The truth is I don't use a whole lot of photoshop. The number one reason being that I don't enjoy it. Every girl who comes in my door is retouched, smoothed and skin tones evened, blemishes removed, but I'm no plastic surgeon. I won't make you lose 20 lbs, I won't make your bust bigger or your booty, I won't take away ALL your wrinkles or blemishes.

What DO I do?

I use my editing for crops, color correction, contrast, brightening, straightening and skin smoothing. If you want to get technical I boost the vibrance, I make my whites whiter and my blacks blacker, I reduce clarity a smidge and increase the saturation a smidge..and usually the exposure too. But that is PROBABLY like a foreign language to most of you, and you're likely wondering..."but will you remove this zit on my right boob?" to that I say yes. If they are things that don't belong, I will remove them.

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Why is that your philosophy?

If this is your first time here, welcome. I'm Kristin and I'm in the business of empowering women through the art and experience of boudoir photography. And I just want to ask you how empowering it would be to see a photo of yourself where I changed what you look like? Not very. What if you're really a size 18 and you come to your reveal and see a size 8? Then you'll assume that's what I think you should look like. What if you're a size 2 and I give you the Kardashian T+A? Wouldn't you feel inferior? 

I feel that women should be celebrated just as they are. You should be celebrated the way you look right now. If you have stretch marks or wrinkles or freckles, that is who you are and there is no reason to change you. That being said, I provide complimentary hair and makeup to enhance your best features, and I've invested a lot of time and effort into learning poses to show off the best version of you. You can trust me to make you look sexy, beautiful and confident without making you look less like yourself <3

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