How to quickly RUIN your boudoir session | Columbus Boudoir Photography

How to quickly RUIN your boudoir session | Columbus Boudoir Photography

In 2018 alone, I will have photographed nearly 100 women in my Columbus boudoir studio. They are various ages, sizes, shapes, sexual orientation, and come from different backgrounds. Some are young and engaged, some are single and celebrating themselves, some are marking milestones with a session, but one thing is always the same. The want their session to rock!

So, with that being said, I'm sure you want yours to be awesome as well. So here are 4 things to avoid so that you don't ruin your session.

Having a Bad Attitude

So you might think this one goes without saying, but we're all human and we handle our emotions differently. Sometimes, when we're self conscious or nervous we can put up a wall between us and the thing that makes us feel un-easy. This isn't always intentional, so I don't hold it against you. But honestly, you'll have the best time and it will be way more freeing if you check your attitude at the door and come in with an open mind. I have a no-negativity rule in my studio, so I truly do not want to hear those terrible, self destructive phrases about your body. 

Thinking You know Best

Listen, I completely understand that you like your hair a certain way, or you feel most comfortable in that baggy tee shirt, but GIRL, if you wanted to take the reigns and do what you've always done, you could've asked a friend to come over with her phone and take a few pics on your bed. You didn't do that. You came to me because of a glowing review, or liking what you've seen on my website or in the VIP group. You wanted me to help you look and feel like the goddess you truly are. So maybe the way you've been wearing your hair since the 1980's is what you're "used to", but also maybe it doesn't flatter you, maybe it doesn't shape your face, or it makes you look 10 years older than you are. I promise you, I know my stuff when it comes to wardrobe and posing, and my glam team knows their stuff when it comes to hair and makeup. 

Not Trusting Me

This one goes hand in hand with the above. I need you to surrender to me, and trust me completely. As I mentioned before, I know my stuff, I know my poses, and I know how to photograph you. If I put you in a pose that you might "feel fat" in, that doesn't mean the camera sees what you think it does. If I put you in a pose and you feel stupid or silly, trust me, because it just might be your favorite (this has happened). If you tell me you want to get out of your comfort zone and I suggest topless or nude photos, trust me. If you don't like them no one ever has to see them again, but if you just try it you could end up loving it and feeling really badass for doing it! 

Just Going through the motions

This one is the absolute worst for me. At least the previous three are founded on lack of confidence, nervousness, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. When a client comes in and dumps their delicates on my bed and says, "whatever you think", or just kind of half poses, or they come to the reveal and choose photos they *think* their significant other will want...that breaks my heart. Let's put this out there...I'm not cheap. I want you to invest in yourself, and I want you to take ownership of the session. Now, you don't have to know exactly what to wear and be 100% coordinated, but I love it when someone comes in with at least 1 sure fire outfit that they know they're going to love. When I pose you, I want you arching to the heavens, I want you making sultry sexy eyes at me, making your O face, I want you pointing your toes so hard you get a charlie horse. I want you to feel your body and get comfortable with your curves. If you can't grab your own boobs, how can you expect someone else to? I just wonder, why are you here? So don't do that, don't be that girl.

OK, so I know I got a little preachy there, so I want to bring it back on a positive note, and just say that although clients have done some of these things during a session, no one has ever RUINED it. That's pretty much because I won't let you. If I feel like things are going this way, I'll course correct. I'll explain the wardrobe issues, or show you the poses, if I feel like you're just going through the motions we'll stop and I'll ask, like "hey, whats going on?". Sometimes you need a wardrobe change because an outfit isn't making you feel confident. Sometimes we need to turn the music up and jam out, sometimes you need a laugh, whatever it is, I'm here for you. So trust me, and I won't let you ruin your boudoir shoot.

xo Kristin