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It’s the day of your session, you come into beautiful downtown Columbus Boudoir Studio. Your session is amazing, your hair and makeup was gorgeous, your outfits sexy AF, and now it’s time for your reveal. You know you’re going to want all the photos and you start to sweat because you’re on a budget. RELAX. Girl, I got you. I will make sure you get every photo you love in each display you want, and make it easy.

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First things first, decide what you want. There is no sense in worrying how you'll afford anything until you know what you love and want to take home. During your same day reveal we’ll go through your images together narrowing it down to only the ones you love.

Next, you decide how you would like to display and/or gift them. Most of my clients choose an album, or wall art, or a collection that includes both. Once we have a total for you, then you can decide how you would like to pay for the products. Of course I accept credit cards, cash, and ACH transfers as well as Paypal and Paypal Credit (more on that below).


When you choose to use a payment plan through 614 Boudoir, you will complete a form and put a card (either debit or credit) on file with me, authorizing me to charge you. There are a few things to keep in mind with my payment plans.

— Digital images will only be eligible for payment plans if purchased in a collection or, the entire gallery.

— Products will not be ordered received until your invoice is paid in full. This means you can expect your album proof about 3 days after your final payment, and then once approved, lab times are about 2-3 weeks.

— Payment Plans can be no longer than six months. You can choose 2, 4 or 6 months in either bi-weekly or monthly equal installments.

— The first payment is due at your reveal. Once we’ve chosen your product, and decided on a payment plan, I’ll have you complete your form in the studio and make your first payment on site. Please make sure to bring the card you’ll want to place this on. Keep in mind, if this is a gift for someone to not use a joint card.

Many clients love this program because there is no interest, no credit application and it makes the items they love more accessible.


The other option for financing your products is through Paypal Credit. You can apply HERE, and if approved, any order over $99 is covered for you. From time to time they run promotions (especially near the holidays) where your purchases can be interest free for 6, 9, or 18 months. Even if you need to make only monthly payments, you can spread this cost over a year or more. Since they handle all the finances, as soon as you “check out” I can order your products. This counts as a “Paid in Full” invoice to me. That’s one big reason clients like this option, if you’re on a budget and short on time, this is a great way to get everything you want without having to wait.

— If you plan to use Paypal Credit I ask you to apply before your reveal, this way your time can be spent drooling over your sexiness and not on filling out forms. I can help you “check out” in studio though, sometimes it can be confusing.

I have had clients use a combination of the two above as well. In the event you are approved for PPC, but your limit is lower than you’d like, you can split your invoice into a payment plan and cash/credit/PPC. Your last option of course is to start saving ahead of your session, booking out far enough to save what you’d like to spend. For more tips and tricks on that, visit this blog on Investing in Yourself.


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