Christmas Selfies

Home for the holidays and nothing else to do.

So this Christmas my husband and I decided to mix it up a little when we went to our hometown of Youngstown Ohio for a few days. Normally we stay with our parents but we decided we needed a little extra treat this year and booked a hotel. Best. Decision. Ever. 

For one, we stayed at a hotel right down the road from one of only a few Starbucks, so that was a morning treat, but also King size bed, hot tub and a mini bar. #treatyoself

Anyhow, as with any holiday, I had my camera with me. Well if you've ever been to Youngstown you know there isn't that much to do there, so when we weren't hanging with the fam, I decided to take some hotel selfies. I hadn't planned on this so I didn't have much with me in the way of sexy, so green undies and a Star Wars themed tank top made due. 

Anyhow I share these with you so that you know that I too am vulnerable, I get nervous, I don't love how big my arms are, or how small my boobs are, but it is enthralling and invigorating to get in front of the camera! And of course I could never expect you to share your photos if I don't share mine.. so check me out!

Ohio Boudoir photographer, Youngstown and Columbus
Columbus and Youngstown Ohio Boudoir Photographer
Youngstown Ohio Boudoir Photographer
Columbus boudoir photography

With all that being said and shared, I am still booking Valentine's Day sessions, send me an email to grab your session date!

xo Kristin