Eat those Christmas Cookies | Intimate Photo Session Columbus Ohio

Eat those Christmas Cookies | Intimate Photo Session Columbus Ohio

Tis the season, friends! It’s Tuesday morning, and we have three Christmas parties this week. All of which I’m sure will include seasonal cocktails, heavy appetizers (if not delectable meals) and dessert. And you know what? I’m wearing my fancy* leggings and oversized ugly sweaters to make room for all the delicious treats. But, I’m not getting ready for a session, and maybe you are. So I want to explain why I’m giving you permission to indulge a little since it’s the holidays.

Now, I’m not saying eat yourself into oblivion and gain 10lbs or make yourself uncomfortable, what I’m saying is that you don’t need to starve yourself, diet or lose weight before coming in for your session.

It all starts with wardrobe. The most important part about looking fine as wine on camera is choosing wardrobe that fits AND flatters you. There’s a lot more to style than sizing. But, don’t worry you’re not alone on this- I’ve created a style guide that explains all the outfits and what they do, and where to get them. I send it out as soon as you book, so if you’re on my calendar it’s in your inbox! My point is, the proper wardrobe can hide a few extra buckeyes this time of year.

Then there is the posing. Trust me, I’m an expert. If I put you in a pose and you’re looking a little boxy, or spilling out of your bra, I will reposition you or change my angle to make you look your very best. There are a lot of tricks that quite frankly I don’t have time to list, and you don’t have time to read, but I know them all and you just have to trust and believe. Even if you can see rolls or you feel like the pose “doesn’t look good”, I can see everything differently than you.

Lastly, everything is retouched. So even though you see your images just minutes after we stop shooting, All your lumps, bumps, bruises, cellulite, and stretch marks will vanish through the power of retouching. Let’s say you have a little extra holiday weight around the middle, I can always smooth over anything extra that wardrobe and posing didn’t address. I want you to know, I am no photoshop surgeon. I will not altar your body in a way that is unrecognizable, I will not magically help you lose 20lbs, I will not give you a digital nip/tuck. My retouching policy is more like polishing an already beautiful piece of art.

So here is your permission, go ahead, eat your Christmas cookies, have some eggnog, and enjoy your life girl.