Client Interview: Miss B | Boudoir Photos Columbus Ohio

Client Interview: Miss B | Boudoir Photos Columbus Ohio

I love it when my boudoir photo clients share their inspiration behind their session, and all of their thoughts throughout the process. Luckily Miss B was willing to not only share with me, but she said I could share her experience with you as well! Enjoy!!

Honestly, I decided to book a boudoir session because I just wanted to try something I've never tried before. The photos and the experience was for me. I do have a partner that I've shared them with, but they weren't for him originally. I was actually a little unnerved to be honest. I'm a big proponent of acknowledging your feelings instead of trying to suppress them. I find that giving my anxiety a turn to speak allows it to pass more quickly. So I like to give myself permission to feel anxious or insecure.

The thing that made me most nervous was deciding what to wear. I am a size 18/20, and I just couldn't picture myself in skimpy underwear in overtly sexual body positions. Though, once I came to the realization that I didn't have to be wearing fancy lingerie to take beautiful boudoir photos, I got a lot less nervous.

The most enjoyable part of the experience for me was just having a few hours to dress up, feel pretty, and do something that I don't do every day. 

After my 614 Boudoir Photography experience, I felt excited and accomplished; like I had a new story to tell and I love my pictures.

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