Miss J's Bridal Boudoir Experience- in her words | Columbus OH Boudoir Studio

Miss J's Bridal Boudoir Experience- in her words | Columbus OH Boudoir Studio

What motivated you to do a session? As I was preparing for my wedding, I saw an opportunity to do something intimate and private for my husband-to-be. I knew this would be unlike any other gift and would certainly surprise him. I was also in a place where I had learned to love myself and my body, and I was ready to celebrate that! Felt right to do so for both myself and as a gift to the guy that supported me getting there. I purchased photos as a gift for my (now) husband, but the session was my time to shine!! 

Before your session, what were you most nervous about? I was the most nervous about the way I would look on camera. I've changed in front of girls for sports/dance/etc. all of my life so I wasn't nervous about being down to just about nothing...but have never posed for photos without clothes! 

What was your favorite part of the experience? I felt so comfortable so quickly because of all of the direction Kristin gives! She told me how to pose, how to adjust, and always asked to see what I was comfortable with. I felt so respected and empowered the entire time! 

After the shoot how did you feel? I felt like I could rule the world. 

What was your initial reaction to your images? I believe when I first saw my images I blurted out: "Kristin, is that ME?!" I was so pleased with the images and was so proud of how confident I looked and felt! Every odd feeling pose Kristin directed me into made sense when I saw the images and I'm so glad I trusted her guidance. 

Did anything change about how you see yourself? I definitely felt empowered, sexy, and more confident in my own skin. Taking a step like this - investing in myself and practicing celebrating my body and self-worth was a game changer for me. I felt powerful, deserving of confidence and respect, and PROUD of myself for loving the way I looked in my images. 

Now that you've had your session what would you go back and tell yourself to calm your nerves, inspire or empower yourself? I would tell myself that Kristin is a professional and there is a reason she has so many incredible clients - to trust her and all will turn out just as I had hoped. I'd also tell myself to eat a second granola bar before the session because I got a little dizzy due to arriving to my shoot on a light breakfast! 

Any advice for someone who might be considering a shoot? Even if you never share your images with anyone else, taking a step to celebrate yourself and your body will really change the way you look at your confidence. You deserve to do this for yourself! 

Miss J has chosen to keep her images private, and although I would LOVE to show her off to you, respecting her privacy is way more important to me.