Boudoir Session Prep Do + Don't

Hello Lovely,

The number one question I get asked is "How do I prepare for my session?" or "What do I do?"

I always want my girls to be prepared and so I offer consultation, a lingerie guide and a packing list to help ease some stress. But today I wanted to kind of delve a little deeper in the to-do or to-not-do.

Let's start with to do:

Plan to book your session about 12 weeks before you need your products in hand. This is so so so important. I get so many calls where a potential client needs their photos in 2 weeks for a birthday and as much as I would love to do that, I typically book clients 6-8 weeks out from their initial call {based on availability} and then editing and lab times add on another 4 weeks.

Purchase well-fitting lingerie that achieves what you want to accentuate or minimize. Visit Victoria's Secret, La Senza, or Nordstrom to be properly fitted for a bra. You will not feel sexy if you are worried about back fat due to a too-tight band, or if you don't fill the cups. If you need help figuring out what works on your body type, ask!

Invest in personal grooming. Get your hair cut, colored, or highlighted about 2 weeks before your session. This is also a good time to get a facial. Have a mani | pedi done the day or two before your shoot, and make sure to shave or be waxed.

Accessorize. Lay everything out the night before {using your packing list} and make sure you like the looks of everything. Do you have shoes to go with each outfit? Jewelry?

Cut out tags and remove stickers. Before putting everything into your bag, take all tags {including the inside size tag} OUT, check the bottoms of your shoes for stickers and take those off too. You don't want all the pampering to be delayed by removing these when you arrive, or worse, during the shoot.

Come with an open attitude. It is okay to be nervous or a little self conscious when you come in. But if you aren't ready to check your insecurities at the door and have an open mind, this may not be the right time for your session. I'm here to make you look and feel amazing, so leave that up to me.


Ok so now we've talked about the things you should do... What should you avoid before your boudoir session?


Don't rely on photoshop. Yes, I fully retouch each photo, however this is not an excuse to wear something unflattering and assume I can fix that in post-production. If you don't like your stomach, cover it, if you don't like your booty, don't wear a thong.

Don't gravitate towards full coverage. On the flip side of the above, some women tend to cover everything up because they don't feel comfortable baring their skin. There are good alternatives to bras and panties {robes, jerseys, men's shirts} but I will pull them back, or up to show your amazing curves. Stay away from baby dolls or anything that lacks shape of it's own.

Don't forget to exfoliate and moisturize. If you want to have smooth buttery skin that reflects light and shows off muscle tone, do a good sugar scrub and remember to moisturize after. Dry skin looks dull on camera.

DO NOT get a spray tan. Even clients who have come in with a perfectly even, hand airbrushed spray tan without streaks or speckles, still look very bizarre on camera. It is really hard to color correct skin tones if they aren't natural. Unless you want all your photos in black and white...then what was the point of the spray tan to begin with? If you tan in the sun or a bed, stop 48hrs before your session to give your skin time to repair and look radiant again.

Don't bring kitten heels. I would rather see you barefoot, than in some comfort keepers. There is nothing sexy about those. The higher the heel, the better your ass will look. {just keeping it real} Your legs will look longer and more toned as well. If you don't typically wear heels and don't know how to walk in them, you can carry them to where I will be posing you and you can put them on just before that and take them off immediately. 75% of posing is sitting or lying down anyway.

Don't forget how amazing, beautiful, and sexy you are.

If you have any more questions about how to prepare for your session, or you are ready to schedule, you can visit the contact form here or you can email me kristin{AT}