Boudoir is for everyBODY | Sexy Pictures Columbus

So let me get one thing straight with you. There is no wrong way to have a body and every body regardless of size, shape, elasticity, sagging, drooping, wrinkling, flabby, fit, abs, no abs ( I could go on) Every BODY deserves to be celebrated, appreciated, and photographed in all it's unique sexy glory. There are a lot of women in Columbus looking for gifts for husbands, photos in lingerie, or professional nude pictures and often second guess that quest because they aren't a certain size, or age, or their body isn't "ideal". Thats BS.

If I had a dollar for everytime a woman said "Oh you shoot boudoir here in Columbus?!" and then followed it up with "that sounds fun, maybe when I lose 20 lbs". I wouldn't need to photograph anyone, I could just SUGGEST it, and pay my bills with lackluster responses. But the truth is I have worked with women of all sizes. I've worked with brides who are in the best shape of their life, who have abs and toned thighs and sun tans, I've worked with mommies to be, who have a little extra weight everywhere, a belly, and a little extra glow. I've worked with moms of teens, who have stretch marks, mommy tummies, and bags under their eyes, and I've worked with grandmothers who have crows feet, bat wings, and sagging tushies. But you know what they all had in common? Beauty, Grace, and an appreciation for their bodies. They all had Confidence- maybe not when they all walked in, but definitely when they walked out.

Maybe you have a muffin top, or your hair is thinning, maybe your skin is freckled. That is all okay, I promise you that! All of those characteristics make you beautifully unique and truly you. And that should be celebrated, not hidden. 

I want you to take a good look at yourself in your favorite photo. Maybe that's from your wedding day, or a family vacation, maybe it's from the day you graduated college, or you gave birth to your babies. Do you know why you love those photos so much? Because it triggers an emotion in you. It makes you feel some type of way, and I promise you, boudoir will also make you feel some type of way. Confident. Radiant. Strong. Sexy. Incredible. Will you worry about your dimples? Maybe at first...but not for long. Not once you feel the way so many clients have felt before you. 

Oh my gosh, this is the stuff that makes my heart beat! I am so excited for you to feel this way- are you?! If you want to get some more details, fill out that form below, I'll send you some info about how you can feel like the women I described above. 

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