Let me be your mirror

We're not used to seeing ourselves as sexual beings. We're conditioned to see ourselves a certain way when we look in the mirror and that's not typically an empowered way, let alone in a sexual, sensual, intimate way. 

Mainstream media has taught us that when we look in the mirror, we should look for all the things wrong with us in order to correct them. What if each time we looked in the mirror we celebrated what we saw instead? Society has taught us that if we like what we see and we celebrate that, we must be conceited, right? Well society is wrong. 

Aside from not feeling empowered to love your reflection, we're also taught that we should be pretty, beautiful, or something soft and sweet. But what if the person looking back at you has a desire burning within her? 

Do you know what that looks like?

Do you know what it feels like when you can see that? When your body language shows the yearning for the touch of someone you love? When your eyes show the desire of someones body against yours? When your lips quiver with anticipation? I know that you know how these emotions feel like from an internal perspective, but what if I could show you what your partner sees when you're feeling desire, yearning, and pleasure.

I will give you the space to be true to yourself, let go of the societal standards, the peer pressure, the limitations, the unrealistic beauty industry standards. I promise to support you through the journey of discovering your raw sexual image.

It's not my place to judge, it is my place to empower. To help you heal, grow and embrace your beauty.

But why? Some women are totally fine never seeing that. I get it. But honestly, that is because they never have. Once you see yourself as someone who is in control of her sexuality, who is in touch with her body, and in tune with her emotions...it changes you. So let me be your mirror. 

Are you ready to let your guard down, get in touch with your unique femininity, your body, and your sexuality? I'd love to just chat on the phone about what that will look like for you, your visions for yourself and how you want to feel. If you want to plan a phone call, head over to my contact page {which you can do right HERE} and send me a message.