Answering your burning boudoir questions | Columbus' Best Boudoir

Answering your burning boudoir questions | Columbus' Best Boudoir

There are some questions that as a Columbus Boudoir Photographer I get asked frequently. If you have follow up questions, feel free to email me, or join the VIP group and ask away!

So here we go...

What is boudoir photography?

OK first and foremost, boudoir can be different for every client and with various photographers. For me and most of my clients, boudoir is a professional photo shoot where the pictures have women in lingerie. This can be sexy pictures for your husband, they can be sensual, provacative, semi nude, or nude pictures. Often these photos are a gift for your husband, or just yourself.

Do I have to get naked?

You do not have to by any means, my clients comfort is the most important factor in a intimate photo shoot. Many of my clients are very comfortable to end their session with a few very tasteful nude photos, whether that means silhouettes, anonymous poses or even implied nudity, but if it's not your cup of tea, that's fine girl!

Stripping down in front of a stranger can be a little scary, how do you make your clients feel comfortable? Is alcohol part of this?

Great question! The first step is just having a conversation. I love to just get to know my clients, what is inspiring them to have boudoir pictures for themselves or a loved one. I want to hear what they love about their bodies, how they want to feel during their session and what their concerns are. This all occurs before they even choose me. THEN once in the downtown Columbus studio, I welcome my clients in, we plan everything out together for outfits, jewelry, shoes etc. If they want a glass of champagne or a mimosa, I do offer that. I play fun music to play up their inner Beyonce and then any last nervousness melts away while they are in the hair and makeup chair. 

On your website I see a lot of women's photos in lingerie with stockings garters and high heels, do you provide this?

I have an in studio wardrobe which clients can borrow from, I have pieces ranging from extra small to 3X that women can supplement their own outfits with, or wear strictly what I have. I do encourage ladies to bring some of their own items as well just to personalize their boudoir pictures.

How much grooming do women do before this type of shoot?

That is entirely up to you! That's quite the intimate decision too.  I tell my clients to groom to the level they would if they intended to get lucky on a date night or just before a beach vacation.  If you never shave "down there" or have never been waxed, now is probably not the time to go bald.  Again, your comfort is really important!

You have a style squad, right? How glam are we talking?

Just like the levels of nudity, and grooming, this is tailored to your specific vision. For a professional photo shoot, my artist are trained to play up your features for the camera. The makeup can be a simple eye and bold lip, a bold eye and neutral lip, Bold everything, or Neutral everything. Always, always, always lashes! And don't worry, there are lashes for every style too, they can add length, fullness, or both.

What percentage of your clients do this for a significant other and how many just do it for themselves?

I'd say about 60% are planning this for a gift for their husband, a groom's gift, or loved one, the other 40% are reaffirming themselves of their beauty, reminding themselves they are sexual beings after having children, some are single and ready to mingle, and they need to get in touch with their own intimacy again. No matter what your reasoning in the beginning, almost all my clients say it might have been a gift for someone else, but they received the ultimate gift, better self esteem.

Once the session starts, how will I know what to do? 

Oh girl! Don't you worry about a thang! I will pose you from the top of your head down to your tippy toes, and even your facial expression. I have a flow I go through and I know just how to show off alllll your best features. I show you a lot of the poses by getting into them myself and I tell you what is coming up next so you're prepared.

Every woman has "trouble areas" like love handles, mommy marks, or thick thighs, how do you help with that?

Well my LAST line of defense is photoshop, so if that's what you're thinking just get that right out of your head. You do not need a nip/tuck to look beautiful, sexy, curvalicious etc. First we start with proper wardrobe, if you're concerned about your tummy, wear a body suit, high waisted panties, or a robe, etc. I have plenty of advice but that is for another day. Secondly I pose you in ways to emphasize or minimize areas, lastly it's lighting. THEN, whatever I couldn't make look absolutely amazing in camera, I edit. Blemishes? Gone. Bruises? Gone. Skin smooth and radiant. Boobs perky and booty poppin.

What happens to my photos after the shoot?

I invite you back to the studio for your reveal where you get to pick out your faves and decide what you'd like most to do with them. I offer albums, wall art, prints, and digitals. Once you've received your product, you get to choose who will ever see your photos ranging from total privacy, to allowing me to use your photos for marketing use (like you see here on the blog). But don't worry I respect all my clients discretion.

Have more questions? Pop em in my inbox- I'll get back to you and I may even feature them here in the blog too!

xo Kristin