An Interview with Hanna of Le Reve Makeup & Hair | Columbus Boudoir Photography

An Interview with Hanna of Le Reve Makeup & Hair | Columbus Boudoir Photography

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do, how long you've been doin' it and why.

 Hi! My name is Hanna McCord, I am the owner and founder of Le Rêve Makeup & Hair LLC. I am a licensed cosmetologist and professional makeup artist. I began my career in 2010 in Chillicothe, OH. I then moved to Chicago, IL where I attended Makeup First School of Makeup Artistry. Le Rêve Makeup & Hair is an on-site makeup and hair company that provides luxurious services. We were founded in Chicago and are now based in Ohio. We bring beauty to our clients. I always dreamed of owning a salon, the idea of a on-site salon was perfect! We are willing to travel all over the world to enhance the beauty that our clients have! We provides services for weddings, boudoir, prom, head shots, production, commercial and more!

Do you get all glammed up everyday? 

I do not get all glammed up everyday. I am a very low maintenance girl, believe it or not! If I don't have a reason to leave the house, I will wear my sweat pants all day and I will not put on my makeup. I only get full glam on days I am working with my clients. I believe looking professional is extremely important. Even a simple night out with the husband, I do not get too glammed up. I like natural looking makeup and my natural hair. I am an artist who believes in highlighting and enhancing our features, not hiding them!

How long does it take you to do your own hair and makeup?

It takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to do my hair and makeup, even full glam! I love soft looks, you will never see me with a smokey eye!

What is your favorite boudoir look?

My favorite boudoir look, that is a hard one! I love them all. Once again, I am not a girl that likes to show off, so for me, I like images that teases. Maybe a woman wearing her mans favorite sports jersey. I like an image that does not show off too much yet just enough that your man knows what is under there! 

You work with all kinds of clients with different skin tones and hair textures, how do you manage that?

Practice! When I first started in this industry, I had to find models to work on and learn to work with different skin tones and hair textures. Cosmetology school and makeup school both gave me this education and skill level to work with all types of clients. Just like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I have assisted and worked with other top talented artist to make my skill level the best it can be!

I also have a professional makeup bag that contains products for all skin tones. From lip color, foundation, blush and more. I have a range of products for all clients. The same goes for my professional hair kit. I keep a lot of different hair products with me at all times for all the different textures I could encounter!

What are your top 3 favorite products we should all go buy?

Embryolisse is my absolutely favorite moisturizer. It is not just a moisturizer, it is a primer and makeup remover as well. It leaves the skin soft and glowing. It pairs well with all my foundations and works miracles for dry skin! I love my Makeup Geek eye shadows, they are highly pigmented and look great on camera! My favorite brushes are Royal & Langnickel Professional Makeup Brushes. They are very affordable and make makeup application a breeze! Their brushes mimic the texture and performance of natural hair which works well with my products. I highly recommend trying all these products!

Why do you like providing hair and makeup for boudoir sessions? 

Most women are very nervous for their session. Modeling in front of a camera can make a woman very self-conscious. I love providing hair and makeup for their session to help women see how gorgeous they are! They look in the mirror and feel beautiful, sexy and confident. That is exactly what they need not just for this session but everyday! 

How does hair and makeup for a boudoir session differ from every day looks, bridal makeup or head shots?

Boudoir sessions can be very playful. We can do a smokey, sexy eye, we can add pops of bright colors or we can keep it clean and soft! The options are endless with boudoir! It all depends on the "theme" of the session, the outfits and my clients personality. I do not get the opportunity to do whatever I want and to play around with sexy looks when it comes to head shots or bridal. Most of these clients want a soft, clean and very natural look. 

If you could tell our clients anything ahead of their session, what would it be?

I would tell the clients to come with a clean, makeup free face! Do not even put on moisturizer. I love to have a fresh canvas to start with. For hair, I like to have hair that is at least a day old. If you must shower that morning, do not condition the hair, just shampoo. soft and clean hair is harder to work with. I also always recommend my clients bring pictures of inspiration for makeup and hair looks they love and dislike. This makes the process much easier for the artist and the client. 

Where can everyone find you for services other than boudoir?

You can find more information on our services and business at Our email is and you can find us on social media at @lerevemakeup! We would love to make you feel beautiful!

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