5 Facts about a Boudoir Session | Columbus Boudoir Photographer

5 Facts about a Boudoir Session | Columbus Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir sessions can be intimidating, believe me I know, I’ve been there. That’s why I make it my mission to prepare you to the best of my ability before your session with tips, tricks, and guidance. In fact, you can start getting prepared by snagging my experience guide here, and then once you’ve booked in with me I send you my style guide, a prep email with alllll the details, and I’ll walk you through all the poses and expressions. I even help you through the reveal by making the process super easy. However, despite all of that, there are still some things clients tell me they never knew to expect. And I’m going to let you in our secret. Here are 5 things you never knew about a boudoir session.

  1. It’s fun

    Most women are so nervous about having the best outfits, being perfectly groomed, and then worried they won’t know how to pose or move, that they completely overlook the idea that this could be super fun! And it is! For starters, I offer you champagne, who doesn’t love bubbly? And then I’ve got fun sexy music playing- I won’t promise not to sing or dance. Also I demo most of the posing for you, I crawl around on the floor and I’m goofy. So at the very least you can laugh at me. By the time you leave, we’re going to be friends, especially since I will have seen your boobs. We’re bonded for life after that.

  2. You’re more confident when you leave

    So many women tell me they can’t possibly do a session because they aren’t confident. But what they’re overlooking is that a boudoir experience gives you a confidence boost like no other. When you feel yourself getting sexy, getting in touch with your body and allowing your goddess to come out, that’s when the revolution begins. Then I show you how incredible you look on the big screen and dayyyyum girl. You’re all of a sudden invincible.

  3. You’ll be sore

    Part of the reason you’ll look so bomb is because of posing. I pose you down to your fingertips, no joke. And all of posing features some sort of muscle use from the booty pop to the back arch and the pointing of your toes. Sometimes women get muscle cramps during the session, but most are just a little sore the next day. So start doing some yoga and stretching about a week out, continue the stretches for a day or 2 after, drink LOTS of water and maybe have a banana or two for the potassium.

  4. You’ll want to get naked

    By now, I’m not surprised by how many clients start out really ‘buttoned up’ or modest, but by the end want to do topless, nude or implied nude photos. But you might be. I know what you’re thinking right now, you have no use for nudes, or you aren’t that comfortable with your body, or you aren’t that comfortable with me. And it’s completely fine with me if that is your truth and comfort level. But if you change your mind at any point in the session, well, you’d be in good company. More than 80% of my clients end up naked in front of the camera in some capacity.

  5. You’ll want to show off

    Not only are you going to want to put your favorite images in an album for your significant other, you’re going to probably want to look at them every day. You’re going to want to hang a big beautiful metal above your bed, or in your walk in closet. You’re going to want to make one your phone background (and check the time every 5 minutes), and you’re going to want to show ALL your friends- and trust me, they want to see them! You’ll want to show them off because you look beautiful and even though they see that when they look at you, this is different, this is new. And having a boudoir session is daring, it’s powerful and you’ll feel damn empowered! You’ll tell your girlfriends all the details from shopping to hair and makeup and all the posing things, and she’ll want to do it too- make sure you cheer her on because she deserves this too!

Don’t believe me? I guess you’ll have to come in and see for yourself.

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