2018 Boudoir Babes Ambassador Program | Boudoir Photography Columbus

2018 Boudoir Babes Ambassador Program | Boudoir Photography Columbus

Hi gorgeous!

You might have heard a rumor recently that I would be opening up some spots for a few boudoir ambassadors, and maybe you're considering applying. 

First of all, I knew you would come right over here to see what it's all about, weigh your options and see if it would be a good idea for you. So here's what I have to say- this is a partnership between you and me, my hair and makeup team and the ambassadors I choose. You will be the faces and bodies of 614 Boudoir. We're going to work together to empower, reaffirm and uplift the women of Central Ohio. Which is honestly why I'm doing this. I cannot possibly reach enough women on my own. I need your help. I know you believe in my mission and my message or else you wouldn't be here, because being an ambassador, or Boudoir Babe, as I'm affectionately calling you, means way more than you might think, and certainly isn't just about getting free stuff (although that is part of the deal). So you're probably wondering what that free stuff is, and I will get to that. But first, I want you to be totally clear on what is expected of you!

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First and foremost, you have to be a body and sex positive woman in the Columbus Ohio area (Central Ohio counts too). I have a zero tolerance policy of body shaming, slut shaming, or negative self talk. 

You will be required to sign a full model release for any and all sessions that take place in your year as a Boudoir Babe. You should be comfortable with tasteful nudity, but if you're not now, I promise you will be by then end ;) Don't worry there are plenty of ways to light and pose the body to keep some areas for your eyes only.

You will become a moderator of the 614 VIP Boudoir Group and will be asked to participate regularly, answer questions, encourage women, build them up, and inspire them.

You will be required to place a $150 deposit (consider it equity) to cover the cost of your initial session, and for me to know you are committed. However, you will get this money back at your first image reveal to spend on products.

You will be asked to refer women for a session of their own, this is how you'll earn free goodies, more on that in the rewards section below...

So if you're up to the challenge of all of the above, read on for the awesome rewards of this partnership.


What do you get out of this deal? Beyond the immense pleasure of knowing you are changing women's lives on a daily basis, encouraging and empowering, all while feeling like a sexy goddess, there are also material items up for grabs!

You'll be treated to a full session with hair and makeup, all the sets (including the upcoming shower!) and 5 outfits - normal sessions are 3. You'll also be posing either topless/nude/or implied nude, also known as sheet sessions. It will be day of pampering and fun! 

You're also going to get first dibs on specialty or themed sessions throughout the year (think glitter, Christmas, Fifty Shades themes)

Your $150 deposit will be given back to you at your reveal, but more than that you have the potential to earn up to $1000 to spend on items. Each time you have a session with me in the year you can earn and spend on yourself. Simply refer women to book their own session and earn $100 in studio credit. You'll also get a mobile app with 5 images from your session to show off!

Every few months I offer VIP events, you'll get into all of them for FREE and we'll have private Boudoir Babe get-togethers for just us cool kids! I want to treat you to dinner, drinks, spa days, and more! 

I'll be preparing you, empowering you, and giving you the tools you need to help other women see boudoir as an amazing experience too with a group chat, and being a resource of infinite feminine wisdom.

And last but not least, you're going to get all the #swag. At your commitment meeting I'll give you a welcome gift of goodies and 614 branded shirts, coffee cups or tumblers, candles and things to make you feel sexy, feminine, and powerful.

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So what's next?

Fill out the application below. And then wait for a message from me. Once I send you an offer, I need you to respond within 24 hours so I know you are serious. When writing out your reason WHY you should be a boudoir babe, take a few moments and think of a way you can help other women, think of what boudoir, body positivity, or sex positivity means to you. Think about a time when you didn't feel worthy, you didn't feel beautiful or sexy, and how knowing the opposite could radically change your life. I want you to dig deep. I don't want any crap answers like "it sounds fun". If you're just applying for a free session, I'll know and I'll take a hard pass. This mission is close to my heart and I want to align with women who feel the same way. So GOOOOD LUCK! I cannot wait to read your messages and get back to you :) Applications will be open for 3 days, so if you're seeing this after midnight on June 3, 2018- better luck next year babe!

columbus boudoir photos, ohio sexy pictures, intimate images
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