Confessions of a Columbus Boudoir Photographer

When you have a boudoir session with me, I try to convey luxury. When you step into my Columbus boudoir studio you are pampered by one of my glam girls who will make you feel like a million bucks. And then we get into the boudoir session where I will make you look and feel sexy, and I will tell you how gorgeous you are. This is what I want for each of my clients.

Because of that, people equate me with luxury, glam, and sexiness. When I tell people I photograph boudoir they seem to assume that {1} I live my life with a champagne glass in my hand and {2} I am an incredible confident person if I can work with women in their underwear all day long and not question my own physique. SO I decided it is time to settle the score. What better way to do that than with a round of confessions!

I confess that...

I only wear make-up for sessions and consultations, I used to wear makeup everyday but it is a whole lot of that ish gets expensive!

I never wear ever. I sleep naked.

I just recently started buying "sexy" bras, thanks to La Senza. Before that I was wearing "mom bras"...just ask my sister. I'm not even a mom.

I've never spent more than $50 on a pair of shoes and that includes leather boots and my wedding shoes. I live vicariously through my clients who bring in AMAZING shoes.

I am REALLY self conscious about my breasts. I may be the only overweight person in the world who has itty bitty titties. I seriously consider breast implants a few times a year.

I wish I was about 3 inches taller or 60lbs lighter.

I had my own boudoir session in 2015 so that I could feel what my clients went through.

When shopping for that session, I broke down in tears a few times over body issues.

I still get super nervous before meetings and sessions. {what if they don't like me? what if I forget all the poses?}

See? I'm just like you. I have insecurities and things I don't like about my body. We all do, that is normal. I also get nervous before getting into a vulnerable situation- and I should, you should too! I'm not perfect, I don't have some magical confidence powers. I've re-written this blog 3 times, writing, deleting, lather rinse repeat because I want to give the perfect message, but if you want to know the truth? I've got my hair in a bun, no makeup, drinking cold coffee, writing this blog because I just want to connect with you.

I confess..

I really want to talk with you, I want to empower you, and yeah, I would love to photograph you! Soo...let's connect. We can meet over coffee, you can send me an email {}, you can just vent to me about your insecurities or share a story about your own empowerment. Let's just be real with one another, okay?