So one of my biggest missions as a Columbus Ohio boudoir photographer is to empower women, but the truth is that empowerment is different for everyone. Allow me to explain...

Some women need body empowerment, telling them they are beautiful or strong, some need intellectual empowerment such as "you are smart", "you are worthy"

Boudoir photography tends to empower women in the beauty and body type of ways, confirming you are beautiful, sexy, physically fit, etc. but I don't just stop there because I know there are so many girls out there who need encouragement in other areas of life. Maybe noone ever takes a minute to say "You know what? You are a really good mom and you are kicking ass at potty training."

For me- I am a business woman. Leadership is in my blood, and I eat, sleep and breathe my businesses. I don't have children and they aren't on the horizon for me. I'm not really domestic, so my husband hasn't come home to a home cooked meal in YEARS. In fact he is usually home before me. So to support and empower me, I like to hear that I'm making a difference, I'm breaking the glass ceiling and I am changing the game for others like me. If I ever do have a daughter, I will want her to know she can do whatever she wants regardless of her gender, financial status, education level or stereotypes.

Side note: I also really like Lily Allen. She happens to have a song that fires me up, and empowers me, so i thought I would share it with you lovelies. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do, because it truly is... "hard out here for a bitch"

"You'll find me in the studio, and not in the kitchen"

So how do you feel empowered? Comment below and tell me what gets you all fired up and excited.


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