Self Love- it's not what you think

When you think of the phrase "self love", what comes to mind?

being conceited?

If you thought any of those, you are wrong. Self love is regard for one's own well-being and happiness. It is something we should all be working towards.

You can get to know me a little deeper and read about how boudoir photography affected my journey to self love here, but this post is all about Y O U.

Self love does not mean you think you're perfect, it doesn't mean you're better than anyone else, and it doesn't mean you are selfish.

Self love means recognizing small victories each day, it means forgiving yourself for mistakes, it means saying "hell yeah, I'm awesome" when you parallel park like a boss. You are allowed [and I encourage you] to love yourself. Love on yourself, brag on yourself, let the world know you think you're awesome. Chances are, the world thinks you're awesome too!

Here are some ways you can love on yourself:

1. Drink more water. We need it to survive, give your body what it wants.
2. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and clear your head.
3. Take a few extra minutes in the morning to really enjoy your coffee or tea before the day starts.
4. Gaze a little longer in the mirror and identify one quality you really like.
5. Post a selfie or a status and proclaim something like "I killed my workout today" or "I was a rockstar at work"

Can you see how these really small tasks can make an impact on your day? If you don't see it yet, just try one and see how you feel. We need to appreciate the skin we're in and treat our bodies, minds and souls well. In return, they will give back to us. I promise if you take a few minutes to clear your mind of stress and racing thoughts, you will be more productive and creative. If you drink more water, your skin and hair will thank you and you'll feel better. And if you aren't feeling that awesome about yourself, reach out to a friend who will remind you how cool you are.

If you need help or want some more suggestions, reach out to me. You can contact me here-- I will always be here to lift you up!