Build Confidence with Positive Daily Affirmations

On Thursday I did a scope [On periscope? Follow me @614boudoir] about daily affirmations, however I did my video from the park, and the wind was so bad you could barely hear me. Not to mention periscopes are only available for 24 hours. So I decided to write out a blog post that could be referred back to many times.

[af·firm·a·tion] emotional support or encouragement.

I'm reading "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero and she discusses in chapter 1 that we believe whatever we are told. This is a trick of our subconscious. Consider this, you are a 6 yr old little girl and you are told by your parents that there is a tooth fairy. You believe them, you have no reason to doubt that. She even magically comes and takes your fallen out tooth, and leaves you money! You continue to believe in the tooth fairy until one day in the 4th grade your BFF tells you that the tooth fairy is stupid and doesn't exist. Now you believe that. The subconscious is a tricky little one isn't it?! You can use daily affirmations to change your outlook on life and attract success in all areas of your life.

Take a minute to think about all the things you tell yourself on a daily basis-- do you look in the mirror and think "I'm fat"? Going into an interview do you choose to "be realistic, you'll never get that dream job"? WHAT IF... you just changed the thoughts you were feeding yourself?

Look at this cutie who is affirming herself in her bathroom mirror! Can you just imagine what an incredible day she is about to have? All because she is telling herself how amazing her life is.

I want to challenge you to choose one [or more] of the 5 affirmations below, and either write it or speak it daily.

The reason I want to encourage you to speak highly of yourself to yourself, is because it is proven to boost self esteem and confidence. As a boudoir photographer, I know how important it is to have a healthy level of confidence, and this is a super simple way to convince yourself of how fierce you are! And don't worry, we all have bad days- I'll still be around to inspire, empower, and spoil you.