Lingerie Shopping in Columbus Ohio

Did you know the 3rd most reason for not booking a shoot is lingerie? This is the most nerve wracking part for women, second only to their body insecurities- and why wouldn’t it be? If you are self-conscious about your tummy because of the stripes your babies gave you, well then I bet you aren’t all that eager to get into a bra and panty set.

I am here to help.

First and foremost, most women don’t know how to properly dress themselves in lingerie. It is definitely a different experience than say buying a good pair of jeans or a cute dress. For one, you want your lingerie to accentuate your curves, but also tuck in any problem areas. You want the cut of the items you purchase to show curves to the camera, not boxy shapes. I am going to give you my top 3 tips for purchasing lingerie that fits you like a glove, but for more tips and tricks be sure to download my lingerie guide by clicking here.

[1] If it is your bust you’d like to highlight, start by getting properly fitted, then if you need more support [ahem: well-endowed ladies] check out long line or underwire bras that will give a lift, steer clear of push up bras or your cups will runneth over. If the extra boost is what you need, check out a demi-style bra. Avoid cutlets or additions because they will move and might pop out. We don’t need that now do we?

[2] If you’ve got a good tush and you know it, raise your hand! The best cuts for a good booty shot are not necessarily a thong or g-string. A cute cheeky or a boyfriend panty can often showcase your bottom better than those others. Look for rounded cuts above the leg and on the tush to accentuate those curves.

[3] Problem areas? Cover them up! Honestly- if you don’t want to see it in your pictures don’t show it to the camera. Let’s be frank- I don’t want to edit you beyond recognition. Sure, I’ll smooth some cellulite and I can blur your stretch marks, but I can’t make you lose 20lbs in post-production. #sorrynotsorry

Planning a session? Be sure to pin this graphic to your board so you don’t forget these amazing tips.

Lastly, women here don’t really know where to shop. Here in Columbus, OH [home to Victoria’s Secret headquarters] our in-store shopping options are limited. But I have a few suggestions for shopping that can definitely help.


Victoria’s Secret—obviously. What is amazing about VS is they will fit you to make sure you are in the best possible fitting bra. Not to mention they have fab lingerie, cute sport wear, and the Pink line could be absolutely adorable [think oversized sleep shirt + cotton panty + barefoot].

Torrid— A plus-sized female clothing store modeled after Hot Topic so some of their things will be a little edgy or have pop-culture themes [This might be a good option if you’re into a Star Wars themed shoot]. Their lingerie is very nice though.

Cacique— Another plus-size option, but definitely a softer feel than Torrid. You’ll find great high-waisted options, full coverage bras and shapewear.

H&M— An affordable option! Did you know H&M even had lingerie? Uhhh yeah they do and it is soooo cute. Their body suits are to die for and around $20.

You know what? Each of these stores have locations in and around Columbus, Ohio. All of them have locations at Easton and Polaris, and all but Torrid are inside the Tuttle mall!


Ok so say shopping in-store isn’t your jam- or you aren’t in Columbus and you don’t have the above stores nearby. Be sure to check out these shops

Hips & Curves – A plus size + big busted shop that has everything from bra and panty sets to hosiery, costumes and shapewear. Love Hips & Curves!

Frederick’s of Hollywood—In my opinion the sexiest lingerie store- the items here aren’t for the faint of heart. They will make some eyes pop out ;) Be sure to check them out!

Yandy—Super affordable, Yandy has pretty much everything you’d like, including shoes and most items are about $40.

So now you are armed with what to buy, where to buy it and hopefully you have my lingerie guide in hand and you’ve pinned the three top tips to your pin board— Now, when do you want to schedule your session for? Contact me to get started!