Bekka  Sweet & Sultry Columbus Boudoir

Bekka and I met in the summer of 2015 to discuss her possibly scheduling a boudoir session, but the timing just wasn't right for her and that was okay. But now...I think MAN! So glad she waited! For one, I could just tell that her confidence had changed; and also- I won't lie my skills have vastly improved in the past year.

When she came in, we laid out all the outfits, shoes and jewelry she had brought to decide which outfits we would work with and in what order. I always recommend bringing options for this reason. I also was inspired by her to create a packing list to go along with my lingerie guide, since she brought everything I could possibly want! I knew she would be a good example for my other clients.

She then sat down with Mallory and Jessi and was given the glam treatment. Mallory did her makeup and Jessi did her hair. Bekka is fair, so I didn't want her to have a real deep smokey eye, not to mention her eyes are gorgeous as they are and I didn't want to take attention away from them, so we did a soft pink cut crease look, with a little winged eye liner and falsies (always falsies!) Her hair was curled and a little volume added at the crown.

We did 3 outfits, however you won't see the first one because when we went through them, neither of us loved the images in that first outfit. We really hit our stride in the second and third outfits. I always ask my clients what their favorite outfit is, and we save it for last.By this time she is feeling warmed up to the camera, she is nailing the facial expressions and posing we're really rockin it out!

So typically the least favorite {most modest} outfit goes first, and then clients don't usually order those first few.

All of Bekka's wardrobe came from which I had never shopped at before, but OMG they have everything. She even got her shoes from yandy! Definitely check it out!

After her session, we went through her images one by one and she handpicked her order.

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