614 Boudoir 2017 Ambassador Program

614 Boudoir 2017 Ambassador Program

Can I get a drumroll please?!

I am offering a super awesome ambassador program for 2017! I am offering a way for you to earn your session. This means you could get the top collection with all the bells and whistles for FREE!

Starting today I am recruiting T W O ladies to be my 2017 ambassadors. The search will last until December 23, 2016- I'll be making the announcement in the VIP group {so if you're not in the club- get in!}

I'm looking for a 614 Boudoir cheerleader, that someone special that truly believes that every woman should experience a boudoir session, and if that sounds like you-- you might be the next 614 ambassador!

What does this mean?

Well.. You will get a session in exchange for you shouting from the rooftops about how amazing I am. For each friend you refer to me that books any collection {signed contract and paid retainer} you get $100 to spend with 614 Boudoir on ANY collection you want up to a $2000 value. You will also receive a FREE mobile app {$99 value}, ambassador cards to hand out to interested people with a code on the back so I know they are your referral, and a fully retouched and professionally designed cover photo and profile photo to add to your facebook account! Don’t forget- every session includes professional hair and makeup to get you glammed up!

So what are the rules?

You must be a woman, living in the Columbus Ohio metro area {suburbs count}, you must be between the ages of 28-40, you must have a large network of friends and family, and not had a boudoir session before. You will need to add me as a friend on FB/instagram, take a quiz, meet me for a coffee date interview and choose the collection of your dreams. Once you are chosen, refer 3 friends to me that book a collection and then of course have a kick ass boudoir session. You will be required to sign a full model release and ambassador contract, be willing to be tagged/tag yourself in social media posts, and share content. After your session, show off your gorgeous photos with your app and ambassador cards, each time a referral comes to me and books a session because of you, you get $100 to put toward your collection{no cash value}. Once you’ve sent enough referrals to cover the cost of your collection, I will order your products! It’s all in your hands. You could get your items in as little as a month, or by the end of the year. Any remaining balance on December 1, 2017 will be your responsibility, so choose wisely! You can opt out after 6 months by paying off your collection as well.

Things to consider:

How do you feel about friends and family seeing your photos on social media? Your husband? If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not apply.

How many friends can you realistically refer? If you think you can refer 18, feel free to reach for the stars, but if you only can refer 6, the portrait collection might be a better fit.

How outgoing are you? There’s no rule that says you have to know these women- if you see a beautiful girl in a coffee shop, tell her she looks fabulous, say “you might enjoy this” and give her an ambassador card.

How do you enter?

First add as many friends who live in the Columbus metro area to the 614 Boudoir Private VIP group {this shows me you are active on social media}. THEN email me {kristin@614boudoir.com} a photo of yourself. AND THEN go over here and complete this form to let me know you are interested!

Well… what are you waiting for?!